Fresh fish food and other dishes

From Kalastajan Koju’s menu you will find delicious fish food. Our menu includes also other non-fish foods. You can have your meal with different kinds of refreshing drinks. You can also take your meal with you. Please see our street food menu.


Fried Muikku 10,90 €

Fried Muikku with Dip 11,90 €
Dip choices:
– Dip of the house
– Aioli
– Remoulade

Fried Muikku with Blue Cheese 11,90 €

Fried Muikku Served on Toasted Rye Bread, Salad with Dip 9,90 €

Fried Muikku with Blue Cheese Salad 15,90 €

Fried Muikku, Potatoes or Mashed Potatoes, Salad with Dip 16,90 €

Fried Muikku, Chips, Coleslaw, Remoulade and Ketchup 17,90 €

Fish & Chips, Coleslaw and Remoulade 13,90 €

Fried Salmon, Potatoes, Salad with Dip 20,50 €

Fish Soup from today’s catch (at lunch time) 9,90 €

Bratwurst, Elk Sausage, Potatoes and Salad 14,90 €

Chips, Ketchup and Remoulade 4,90 €

Smoked Salmon with Salad and Dip  14,90 € 


Mud Cake with Ice cream and Berries 5,90 €

Wine list

White Wine
Invenio Riesling, Germany (dry)  25,00 / bottle
Altozano Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc, Spain (dry) 6,00 (12cl) / 8,00 (16cl) / 27,00 bottle
Cloud Island Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand (dry) 7,00 (12cl) / 9,00 (16cl) / 35,00 bottle
Wilm Meli-Melo Riesling-Pinot Gris, France (semi-dry) 8,00 (12cl) / 10,00 (16cl) / 37,00 bottle

Sparkling Wine and Champagne
Graziosa Organic, Italia (kuiva) 25,00 bottle
Vilarnau Cava Brut Reserva (kuiva) 29,00 bottle
Montelvini Prosecco Treviso piccolo DOC (kuiva) 10,00 piccolo

Champagne Castelnau Cuvee Brut, Ranska 67,00
Beaumont Des Crayéres Grande Réserve, Ranska 75,00

REd Wine
Finca Las Moras Organico, Malbec, Argentina